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If you are new to Bourbon of the Day, you may have noticed that we assign a grade to each of the whiskeys that we review. Readers outside of the United States may not be familiar with the A through F grading system, but if you were reared in the good old USA, then our grading system will give you a ready frame of reference. So what criteria do we use to determine what gets an A from an F? Heres how we decide:


Buy at any cost! This grade is reserved for top shelf bourbon and whiskey that exceeds expectations in taste, body, structure, and finish. Buy a bottle and hide it from your friends and family!

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Interesting, well-balanced whiskeys receive this grade. Some may have impressive elements that come out during tasting, or some surprising flavors in the finish.

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Typically, whiskeys that receive this grade can be found in bar wells and are generally unremarkable. If you are drinking to get tanked, or want to try something new without investing in a bottle, stick with C – grade bourbon!

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Pot swill. D – grade whiskeys will have you wondering if you are drinking whiskey or if your nose is bleeding.

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This grade of whiskey is usually not suitable for human consumption, and should be avoided at all costs. It doesn’t get much worse than this, and if it does, you probably wouldn’t live to tell about it.

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Of course, our grading system is almost completely subjective, so if you read a review and disagree with the grade, don’t be shy! Leave us a comment, or get in touch with us!

How We Grade Bourbon
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One thought on “How We Grade Bourbon


    Angels Envy………Yes ! Lovely bottle…but what a shame wasting iton a grade C bourbon. Try a Wellers Reserve for a much better taste….and priced more reasonably. But hey, you might just like to collect pretty bottles, eh?


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