Bourbon Reviews

Every bourbon review we have done so far. We wont stop until we have found and tried em all!
Brown Forman Distillery in Louisville makes this outstanding Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Old Forester Bourbon Review
Old Forester Bourbon is one of the best cheap bourbons out there! Made by Brown Forman Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky, this whiskey is worth a try!
Stagg Jr. Bourbon Review
Stagg JR Bourbon Review

Proof: 132.5 Age: NAS Distillery: Buffalo Trace Distillery Master Distiller: Harlen Wheatley Season: Fall and Winter Introducing Stagg Jr. Bourbon!…

Widow Jane Bourbon Review

Proof: 91 Age: 8 Year Old Distillery: Cacao Prieto Distillery, New York Master Distiller: Celina Perez Season: Fall Introducing Widow…

Red State Bourbon Review

Proof: 80 Age: No Age Statement Distillery: Heaven Hill Master Distiller:Denny Potter (with Craig Beam consulting) Season: Trump Season Introducing…

Knob Creek Bourbon Review

Proof: 100 Age: 9 year Old Distillery: Knob Creek Distillery (Jim Beam), Clermont Kentucky Master Distiller: Fred Noe Season: Late…

Watershed Bourbon Review

Proof: 94 Age: < 3 years old Distillery: Watershed Distillery, Columbus Ohio Master Distiller: Greg Lehman Season: Summer Introducing Watershed…

Kentucky Tavern Bourbon Review

Proof: 80 Age: 4 Years Old Distillery: Barton Distillery (Under Sazerac) Bardstown, Kentucky Master Distiller: Drew Kulsveen Season: Summer Introducing…

Lexington Bourbon Review

Proof: 86 Age: No Age Statement Distillery: Three Springs Bottling Company Master Distiller: Unknown Season: When Hell Freezes Over Introducing…

Booker’s Bourbon Review

Proof: 121 proof Age: 6 – 8 years Distillery: James “Jim” Beam Distillery (Clermont, Kentucky) Master Distiller: Fred Noe Season:…

Bulleit Bourbon Review

Proof: 90 Age: 6-8 Year Old Distillery: Bulleit Distilling Company, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky Master Distiller: Tom Bulleit Season: Spring The bottles…


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