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Size Style Example Units Available / Units Sold
468 x 60 In Post Targeted BannerThis is the second largest footprint
available on site. Your ad will appear in the body
of the posts that most closely match your offering.
View Example 4/0
728 x 90 In Post Leader boardAppearing on every post we publish,
your ad will have the highest engagement rate
of all ad spaces and will be placed at the
beginning of the post.
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728 x 90 Front Page Leader boardYour ad is the only one appearing on
the home page of Bourbon of the Day
and is largest banner available.
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300 x 250 Large Sidebar SquareYour ad appears above all sidebar ads on every
post that we publish
View Example 3/1
250 x 250 Medium Sidebar SquareSorry! All sold out! View Example 2/2
120 x 600 Skyscraper SidebarYour ad is a large, long sidebar ad that maximizes visibility
with a vertical footprint. Appears on every post sidebar.
View Example 2/0
125 x 125 Small Sidebar SquareYour ad appears in every post sidebar. This is a great
option for testing out advertising with Bourbon of the Day!
View Example 6/0

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